Josh Wagner – Staff Writer


Hello to everybody out there on the limitless domain that is the internet! I suppose I am to tackle what we are deeming the inaugural post for our super mediocre sports blog that is Steel City Hot Takes. Listen though, I am not here to get analytical or even dive into anything truly related to any particular sports story, I am here to tell you as a sports fan the light at the end of the tunnel is almost here! Spring has sprung and so has one of the best times to be a fan in the sporting world.

Tis’ the season for the greatest time in sports the year, take this from me a sports addict. Hello I’m Josh Wagner and I’m a 21 year old sportsaholic and until March Madness saved my sanity I have spent my past few Sunday’s watching NASCAR. I know the bottom of the barrel, the deepest valley and up shit’s creek without a paddle. I figured I would just try and watch Daytona weekend, but before I knew it I was hooked. I even found myself learning the ins and outs of the sport: what a slippery slope that was. I have a favorite driver and team now and check the standings after every race, but I will be damned if I give a rat’s ass about racing once the greatest season in sports begins… Just remember folks its always darkest before the dawn.

I, as a Southern raised gentleman have pledged myself to football as my first love and I never expect that to change. With that being said watching Penguins hockey is a very close second. (Only second because of the Steelers and my addiction to fantasy football.) But recently as many Burgh hockey fans can agree, it’s hard to get it up for regular season games nowadays. Let me clarify: I still watch about 70-75 games a year but barring the Mike Johnston fuck up of a season it’s not hard for our Pens to win in the regular season and make the playoffs. Yes I know I sound like a cocky Pens fan, but for real we haven’t missed the postseason in nine years including this year. Please wake me up when Lord Stanley playoff’s comes knocking again. As long as we have Sid and Geno the Pens can sleepwalk through the regular season for all I care…

As far as basketball is concerned I am all about the NBA, but get this through your brains now: I do not care who your favorite teams are! Cleveland and Golden State will be in the finals for what should be a fantastic trilogy. I will most certainly watch the playoffs and enjoy every moment of the Wizards resurgence, but all the rounds leading up to the NBA Finals is just a giant cock tease for the main event.

We also have the return of America’s favorite past time! Not only is baseball a fan favorite around the nation, it’s also a reminder that summer is right around the corner! You know cold beer, (never Natty) grilling burgers, sun burn, refusal to launch fire works safely and failing yet another year to get your beach body into form.

Now  I’m a Pirates fan and it’ll be fun to see the Buccos again. I wouldn’t call myself an optimist and I am really riding on the Pens going back to back this June! It should be a make or break season for the Pirates though, they have the tools offensively but they will only go as far as their rotation and bullpen can take them. Oh and you can also attempt a visit every ball park in the country trip, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Lastly we have a tournament that I have followed as many years as I can remember and that is the The Masters at Augusta. I know golf may not be your cup of tea but this tournament just has something magical about it. For shits sake it gave Bubba Watson a major victory and green jacket! BUBBA! A side note to these four days of golf to start the major year in the PGA are the afternoon naps that accompany them. If you ever find a more soothing collection of melodies and commentary I will reevaluate my position but c’mon its such a peaceful broadcast wire to wire (Clever golf joke, right?) I am not a big napper and don’t make a normal thing to get them in, but come Masters weekend I will be about 4-5 Blue Moon’s deep with some rice cakes and chips and snoozing my ass off! Again find me a more relaxing scenario, I will wait…

All of these events noted above have this in common and that is that we are on the cusp of a lot of events that you can ignore your personal life to dig your eyes balls into, and your ass into your favorite couch.

Oh wait, did I mention Johnny Manziel will be playing football again in early April… Don’t call it a comeback $$$! So fire up the grills, crack open the cold ones (again never Natty), pay the cable bill and really make sure to try to text your significant other at least during commercial breaks!

Here we go fellow sports fans, let us leave the dark times behind!