Josh Wagner – Staff Writer

Let me get this off of my chest: I am really pumped to see the Raiders heading to Las Vegas in the near future. After reading Twitter and watching sports commentary, I feel like I am in the minority that is excited for this transition.

The Oakland Colesium was a dump and it always slightly annoyed me that there was dirt from the baseball field on a football field. Lets get something straight: a pro football team should NEVER have to share a venue with anyone or anything! The NFL is a multi billion dollar industry and Oakland couldn’t give their beloved Raiders a new home! Sad! Good for you Davis family, get your nut and go to Sin City! I know this sounds harsh to the Oakland natives but football is a business and sometimes businesses screw people over. That aside, this new combo of Raiders and Las Vegas is a match made in sports heaven.

Tell me a more ideal combo than gambling and betting on the ponies, and then catching a football game on the same trip! That stadium should and will probably never be empty come 2019. Not to mention the NHL is also arriving in the near future, seems to me its time for Wags to take his talents to Las Vegas! What a great day for sports and gambling, two of the best past times in American history. Sorry Oakland fans, but this move is just so polarizing. How funny will it be when the Raiders break their Super Bowl drought in Sin City, think of the winnings in the casino market.

Put me down in the hell yes I love this move category! The Las Vegas Raiders, what a perfect fit for Sin City.