Ryan McDermott – Staff Writer

The city of Pittsburgh is like none other. We have the best fans, the most interesting people, and we even put coleslaw and French fries on our sandwiches. The city of Pittsburgh is fortunate enough to be the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. During my tenure as a Pirates fan, the early 2000’s to today, I have been through the highs and the lows (mostly lows). However, this does not change my love for the organization, and the appreciation of the awesome moments that I have been able see. So, here is my list of the top 10 items, from my stint as a Pirates fan, that belong in the Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Fame.

10.) Bob Walk’s Chair

The tip heard around the world. Enough said.


9.) Cheese Chester

The fan favorite in any pierogi race, so why not stick him on the list. (Nobody likes you Pizza Penny, you abomination)


8.) Jung Ho Kang’s Luxury Car

Hopefully, good ole’ Jung Ho is reading this article somewhere in Korea. You messed up my man.


7.) Lemonade Guy

One of my fondest memories is hearing that loud scream of “Lemonade” at PNC park. See you at the crossroads, Lemonade Guy.


6.) Jerry Meals’ Glasses

Just when we all thought that the Pirates were starting to turn things around… Jerry Meals says its safe.


5.) Randall Simon’s Bat

Let’s be honest, nobody likes Milwaukee, and that was probably some of the best swinging that the Pirates organization has seen in years. Way to tee off Randall.


4.) Lloyd McClendon’s Stolen Base

That’s a bold strategy Lloyd, let’s see how this plays out.


3.) Johnny Cueto’s Dropped Ball

The first Pittsburgh playoff baseball I have ever seen, and the fans didn’t disappoint. Pittsburgh got him rattled, and Russell Martin capitalized with a huge homerun.


2.) Clint Hurdle’s Gum

A staple of the current Pirates organization. Who can remember the last time that Clint hasn’t had a wad in his mouth?


  1. Andrew McCutchen’s Dreads

Now maybe they should be looking for these things instead of Tom Brady’s missing Super bowl jersey! Bring them back Cutch!