Josh Wagner: Staff Writer

If you are like me and are addicted to fantasy sports, then this article is right up your alley. No this isn’t for baseball or basketball or even soccer but yes I am talking about NFL Fantasy football! I am deeply sorry but I have not a single clue how to go about using fantasy baseball/ hockey, or how my scoring works in a league that also makes zero sense so I am deferring back to my area of expertise, shall we?


Quarterback: Jameis Winston

Its really hard to not get excited about this guy, Jameis Crab legs Winston was such a sleeper in many leagues last season. He went un-drafted in over 70 percent of leagues and somehow managed to finish with over 4,000 yards passing again! Did I mention he’s the only QB in NFL history to throw over 4k in the his first two seasons in the sport? Winston’s stock is also hot because of two factors in addition to Mike Evans are going to help pull the weight in the ariel attack department. Number one is Cameron Brate who spent most of the season on and off the field with injury issues but he’s on what you would call the come up. Brate finished 6th amongst TEs (ESPN Standard Scoring) and hauled in 8 TDs. Number two is Deshaun Jackson, the man can move like the wind and open up that top on any defense in the league. In addition Jameis has a cannon waiting to be utilized down in Tampa, Winston was third in the league in “air yards” (2,703 yards) which doesn’t include yards after the catch for receivers.

Runningback: Melvin Gordon

This may seem like stating the obvious but the Chargers losing Danny Woodhead will do wonders for the young tailback Gordon. He will now certainly shift into an all down back in Los Angeles (LA Chargers, weird) where no matter how bad the team is they always have an above league average offense and Phillip Rivers is a gunslinger. Add that sentiment to the fact that Gordon was just three yards shy of the 1,000 yard mark while missing three games. Gordon is also a dual threat to add to the incentive in PPR leagues to go along with the lions share of goal line touches, shouldn’t be any touchdown vulturing in LA.

Wide Receiver: Michael Thomas

Again I know, Wags couldn’t have guessed this one! But for real, no more Bradin Cooks means Thomas is the undoubted number one wide out for a QB in Drew Brees who has lead the NFL in passing yards the last 3 seasons. The volume of targets Thomas will get is going to be straight up stupid folks. Couple that with the addition of Tedd Ginn to keep a secondary honest its gonna be another big year for Thomas. In his rookie year Thomas had at least five catches in 11 of his 15 games along with finished in the top 10 in standard scoring amongst receivers. Oh and he’s from Ohio State, those kids don’t fail.

Tight End: Martellus Bennett

Fantasy owners of Bennett last year probably want to burn me to the ground for this pick. He played multiple games without Gronk and still did not produce much, but something tells me the Aaron Rodgers is going to make this signing look brilliant. Rodgers has made Jared Cook and Richard Rodgers look like All Pros in the past and Bennett has much more talent then them. To add I just don’t see Green Bay running the ball as much as the rest of the league, makes no sense taking the ball away from one of the great QBs in the league.

Kickers: LOL good one

Chris Boswell is GOAT.


Quarterback: Joe Flacco

Honestly I just really do not like Joe Flacco at all and that is partially why he is here. But in a non biased approach his offense looks more feeble than Frat Houses foundation. Steve Smith retired, Kyle Juszczyk left for the Bay Area, and so did Kamar Aiken for Indy. The only addition is Danny Woodhead. So you tell me will Joe Flacco made lemons into lemonade? Nahhhhhhhh.

Runningback: Geo Bernard and Jeremy Hill

These two just straight up piss me off… I have owned both separately many years since I began playing and every year its a total crap shoot on who will have the big game. Let me make this easy on you, screw ’em both and don’t pick them PROBLEM SOLVED! Running back committees can rot in hell.

Wide Receiver: Any Pats Receiver

Tom Brady just spreads the wealth way too much to ever make me a comfortable fantasy owner. With the addition of Brandin Cooks and Gronk coming back your guess is as good as mine as to who will be the hot hand for Bellicheat on any given Sunday.

Tight End: Jason Witten

This guy has been on his way out the door for years now I swear! Romo always found a way to get Witten the football but the Dak Era doesn’t look to promising for the pro-bowler. Zeke and the running game has also become the go to for the Dallas offense which takes opportunity away from Witten. Witten failed to break the 700 yard mark receiving for only the second time in his career, the other was his rookie season.